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Water cooled power cables, new and repaired

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    Project Description

    Every Flexicor Water-cooled furnace cable is individually  designed to suit the requirements of the furnace it will serve. Flexicor manufactures furnace cables up to the capacity of  35 000 amps (working on a current density of 5 amps per mm²).  Design pre-requisites are to give a longer life, greater flexibility, improved heat resistance and reduced maintenance.


    • Reduced downtime during replacement.
    • Longer operating life.
    • Safer operation, electrical insulation.
    • Vastly reduced mass.

    Various methods are used to connect the high conductivity electrolytic though pitch copper strand to the terminals.  Flexicor are specialists in sweating, hexagon crimping and thermal welding.  The outer cover of the cable is both a water jacket and a protective sheath. It is available in various rubber and fabric combinations depending on environmental conditions of temperatures and gasses.  Anti-chaff buffers are fitted to cables, if required. Correct lay up is guaranteed with minimal possibility of damaged strands. Assembly time is reduced thus improving turn around in a breakdown situation.  Flexicor’s cable tower can accommodate any water-cooled furnace

    cable in Southern Africa. Flexicor is a recommended supplier to major steel producers in Southern Africa.