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ProductRRU - Aluminium With Mylar Tape Lapping
PropertiesAluminium & PVC

– Conductor: Aluminium wire of Ø 0.40 wire
– Insulation: General purpose PVC colour as below
– Colour coding: Red & Blue
– Overall screen: Aluminium Mylar tape 30mm wide.
– % coverage: 100%


– F2050: F2050 Heavy metal free flexible, fire retardant PVC compound.
– Shore hardness: 91


– 100m shrink-wrapped coils or on 500 and 1000m length wooden drums.


Project Description

Remote Radio Unit (RRU) power cable’s are generally installed in towers and are controlled by a  controller placed inside a closed shelter on the ground near the tower. The connection between the RRU and controller is generally optical and RRU cable is a – 48V DC shielded cable. It feeds – 48V DC power to an RRU . The maximum length that an RRU power cable supports is 100m.

RRU Functons

– Acts as a transceiver: transmit and receive the user signals to the base station and vice-versa.
– Provides back to back support and connectivity between user equipment’s like power, delay,etc.
– Control and process the EM signals received from the Antenna via Jumper(Hollow Guide).


– Specifications: SANS 1574
– Voltage ratings: 600/1000Volts
– Spark test voltage]Voltage Withstand Test: 6000 volts (rms) on cores
– Conductor: SANS 1411 Part 1 Class 5 annealed copper 
– Temperature range: – 10°C to 70°C
– Insulation: General purpose PVC colour as below
– Sheathing: Black fire retardant PVC
– Maximum operating temp: 70°C
– Capacitance mutual (cores/core):  65.6Pf/m

Product Specifications

PRODUCT CODE Cross Section (mm²) Conductor Construction & Wire Size Insulation: NOM Wall Thickness Insulation: NOM Overall Diameter NOM Finish OD of Cable Resistance Max @ 20°c mΩ/m Approximate Mass/ meter
RRUA 0600 – 2C – BL 2X6 48X0.40 1,00 5,20 13,00 4,77 0.218 kg
RRUA 1000-2C-BL 2X10 80X0.40 1,00 6,20 14,00 2,86 0.282kg
RRUA 1600-2C-BL 2X16 128X0.40 1,00 7,80 17,50 1,91 0.337 kg

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