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Flexicor Cables (Pty) Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers in South Africa specializing in Water Cooled and Air Cooled Copper Conductors for all types of Furnaces and Transformers. In addition to these, a full range of other products like, Braids, Braided and Laminated Flexible, Copper Strands small and large are produced to customer design and specifications. In addition to the above products, a full range of automotive cables like:
Single Auto wire, Battery Cables and Multicores are produced.


More About Us

Flexicor Cables is an ISO 9001-2008 accredited Company and all products including raw materials components and finished products are submitted to stringent quality tests before delivery to our Customers. With more than 30 years experience our management team is focused on quality, service and cost effectiveness and we offer an extended guarantee for all the products manufactured in our plant in Johannesburg (South Africa). Flexicor distinguishes itself through excellent competencies in flexible copper conductors assembly and has a comprehensive understanding of the conditions of use and technical correlations on the user’s side.



It all began in 1999.
Flexicor started as an assembly operation of Water Cooled and Air Cooled copper flexible Conductors and Trader of Bare & Tin-Plated Copper, Strands, Copper Braids and Automotive wire in a small factory of total floor space 700m².


Further Milestones in Flexicor Success Story

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  • Started in house copper bunching and braiding.

  • The market demand was at their doorstep, hence Flexicor needed to expand and move into larger premises. A new factory of 2500m² was purchased and immediately occupied. Full equipment to manufacture  large concentric and rope type copper conductors for water cooled and air cooled conductors was commissioned. First Extrusion Line for automotive cables was installed.

  • Second extrusion line for larger auto cables and special copper and aluminium strands were commissioned.

  • Flexicor started it's own copper wire drawing. This took the company to new levels in the market place. The company was now one step ahead from their local competitors and had better control of quality and service.

  • As their market share increased and the product range expanded Flexicor needed to add more wire drawing equipment and it has also become necessary to start tin plaiting of the drawn copper wire. For this expansion further premises were needed hence Flexicor purchased a second factory of 3000m². These new operations started in 2008.

  • More capital was invested in new and more sophisticated machinery in order to offer our customers a better quality product, maximum economic and technical advantage.

  • Flexicor cables expanded their tinning, extrusion, bunching and stranding divisions. This was due to additional demand from the South African market and other African countries.

  • Today Flexicor cables is a leader in the market place and one of the South African largest manufacturer of flexible copper conductors.